In today’s NBA Breakdown we will look at the Celtics vs Bucks, the Suns & other Jump Ball Play’s as well as the best X’s & O’s from a full day of NBA games.

Bucks vs Celtics Film Room

Jump Ball Plays

Jump ball plays are not really applicable for my coaching playbook, considering the only jump ball opportunities for us in high school happens at the beginning of each game. However it is interesting to see the special situations that occur in the NBA and even in college. Today the Suns ran a backscreen off of the Jump Ball that I have seen from several teams throughout the NBA as well as college basketball.

Phoenix Suns Jump Ball Rip

Los Angeles Lakers Jump Ball Rip

Notre Dame Women Jump Ball Rip

Milwaukee Bucks Jump Ball Seal

The Bucks use Jump Ball opportunities to seal and post up for a quick look when going toward their basket:

Boston Celtics Jump Ball Hammer

Perhaps the best special situations coach in the world, Brad Stevens with a Hammer play off a Jump Ball:

New Orleans Pelicans Jump Ball Home Run

Donovan Mitchell Stealing the Jump Ball

I don’t find these useful or applicable for my situation, but my situation might change and I might have the opportunity to use some of these when I need them the most.

Set of the Day

Today’s set comes from the Boston Celtics out of their “5” series. Their 5 series is essentially their basic motion into 5-out and getting the ball moving. The play starts off with Hayward cutting backdoor into the lane and a pass to the wing. Once the guard clear Jaylen Brown swings the ball to Theis in the sweet spot or the middle of the floor. Normally this would be a dribble hand off for Hayward, but since the Bucks tend to deny and pressure off ball cuts, the overplay allows Hayward to go backdoor for an easy layup.