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Our goal at The Basketball Playbook is to get better. Coaches, Players, & Fans alike – just get better. Coach Pyper runs Half Court Hoops Twitter/YouTube X’s & O’s sites that are dedicated to the finer details of how teams execute and run both offense and defenses. His membership program is designed to improve coaches IQ & knowledge for a low cost. With Playbooks, Clinics, Skill Development and specific breakdowns there is nothing you will not find on this site.

Latest Breakdowns

Utah Jazz 5-Out Breakdown

The Utah Jazz have the best record in the Western Conference and the number 2 offense in the NBA and are rolling along like usual. We have heard this story before, nothing new right? Oh, except that the Jazz traded away their 3 best players and was supposed to be...

Minnesota Timberwolves Offense Breakdown

The Minnesota Timberwolves are adjusting to the Two-Big life, and it is not going great - at least on the offensive end. Although they have many underlying issues that are causing these problems, the most significant impact on their offensive efficiency is the lack of...

Washington Wizards X’s & O’s

The Wizards’ offense is actually kind of fun even though the numbers don’t do it justice and their 5-out actions have been impressive. Shot selection is undoubtedly an interesting choice that needs improvement to increase their eFG% and offensive efficiency - but...