Space & Pace Clinic & Video Playbook


In this clinic breakdown Coach Pyper goes in-depth in a 1 Hour 37 Minute video to create a system to spread the floor and attack the defense every possession. The entire idea of “Space” and “Pace” is to create an offensive identity that is always going toward progress, not perfection. Using this system will enable your team to continually put pressure on the defense with 3 simple ideas: create an advantage, keep the advantage, and decision making. Not only will you be able to run a free-flowing offense, but adding additional flow with any concept that works for your system through transition into the half-court. In this clinic breakdown you will receive:

1 Hour 40 Minute Clinic Video

Complete 310 Page PDF

250 Sets & Specials

110 Drills (Transition, Decision Making, Build Ups)

NBA 5-Out Series

NCAA 5-Out Delay Series

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