Davidson Wildcats Motion Offense & Playbook


Bob Mckillop from Davidson has one of the best motion offenses in the entire game of basketball. The reads, movement and options are endless and is an offense I have studied and ran for a few years now. Screening, cutting, patience and ability to exploit any defense going 5-out and forcing every player to defend allows Davidson to compete and excel at the highest levels of the game. It is no surprise that Steph Curry has had success in Golden State’s Motion Offense and everything translates from his IQ and time at Davidson. In this playbook you will find:

Early Offense (8 Plays)

Motion Offense (22 Plays)

Half Court Sets (19 Plays)

Baseline out of Bounds (8 Plays)

Sideline out of Bounds (3 Plays)

I know you can find benefit from this playbook and especially Davidson’s “Thumb” Series as well as multiple looks in special situations as well.

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