Ballscreen Offense Playbook


Using a ballscreen is one of the best ways to create an advantage in basketball. As a high school coach, who runs the offense, it is crucial my players know how to run it with multiple reads to score easier baskets. In this playbook you will get over 180 pages of notes, plays and breakdowns on how to run the ballscreen in every way imaginable. If you have 2 bigs, 1 big or want to run 5-out – this playbook has a plan or idea for you. We will break down the reads out of the ballscreen, both individually and as a team, the best sets I have seen and that will work at any level as well as how I run the ballscreen at the high school level. In this playbook you will get:

PDF Ballscreen Offense Playbook: 180 Pages

Skill Reads Video: 19 Minutes

Ballscreen Sets: 1 Hour 9 Minutes

Kansas & Villanova 4-Out Ballscreen Breakdown

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