Auburn Tigers 2018-19 Playbook


The Auburn Tigers are in the Final Four and had the 6th best offense in the country according to KenPom adjusted efficiency rankings. An integral part of their high powered offense is their transition offense, as well as the ability to knock down the 3 in their primary break. After their primary break Auburn runs very good half court offense with their 4-out spacing and drive and kick game. When they pull the ball out and run their sets, Auburn has over 60+ sets they run with multiple counters and slips as well as backdoor sets to get quick scores. Auburn’s playbook is awesome and filled with sets and actions you can use for your team at any level. In this playbook you will receive:

-PDF Playbook (70 Plays)

-Video Playbook (40 Minutes)

-Primary Break Video (40 minutes)

-4 Out Motion Video (55 Minutes)

Note: These videos are just the raw film with no additional breakdown.

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