2019 NCAA Women’s Tournament Playbook


Complete playbook from the 2019 NCAA Women’s Tournament, including every set from every team! In this playbook you will receive:

PDF Playbook (46 Pages)

PDF Breakdowns:

Half Court Sets – 198 Plays

Horns Sets – 36 Plays

Baseline out of Bounds – 78 Plays

Sideline out of Bounds – 10 Plays

Special Situations – 21 Plays

Zone Sets – 31 Plays

Video Playbooks:

Half Court Sets – 2 Hours 5 Minutes

Horns Sets – 41 Minutes

Baseline out of Bounds – 20 Minutes

Sideline out of Bounds – 3 Minutes

Special Situations – 5 Minutes

Zone Sets – 25 Minutes

Motion Offenses: Connecticut, Baylor, Oregon, Indiana, Iowa State, Florida State, Mississippi State, Notre Dame, Iowa

Zone Motion Offenses: Connecticut, Oregon, Notre Dame, Mercer, Iowa State, Fordham, Depaul



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